Encapsulating your placenta is one of the fastest growing ways to get the most out of your birth experience. From Kourtney and Kim Kardashian to Mayam Biahlik, placenta encapsulation is sweeping the postpartum nation. My KC Doula is thrilled to offer this ancient method of wellness during the postpartum period. Our certified Postpartum Placenta Specialists are highly trained in the traditional method of placenta encapsulation based in traditional Chinese medicine. Our specialists also hold certification in blood borne pathogens and follow strict safety guidelines when handling your placenta. 

Potential benefits of ingesting your placenta:

. Happier postpartum period
. Lower chance of postpartum depression and baby blues
. An increased milk supply
. Less postpartum bleeding
. Balancing of postpartum hormones
. More energy to love on that new baby!

We take pride in handling your placenta and your family's needs with care. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the process and the benefits of this practice.

Placenta Encapsulation begins at $275 and cooler/supplies for transport are provided. 


"Samantha was everything I wanted in a placenta encapsulator. She handled my placenta with love and respect, and she performed the encapsulation in my home where I knew it was clean and safe. She marveled with me at how beautiful it was and made me feel really good about my decision to encapsulate with her. Samantha was sweet, professional, efficient, and respectful of my home and family while she was here. She left my kitchen actually cleaner than she found it. I will definitely be contacting her again the next time I want my placenta encapsulated. Thank you, Sam!!"-Alaina McElmeel

Photo Provided By: Tessa Shaeffer Photography

Photo Provided By: Tessa Shaeffer Photography