Birth Planning 101- This two hour course will go over each item on your birth plan. The Doula Girls believe that writing a birth plan is the first step to taking charge of your birth experience. We encourage you to work closely with your chosen provider and your doula to feel as prepared for your birth experience as possible. From IV’s to cord blood banking, we cover it all and are ready for any questions you bring our way. 

Preparing For Birth- There are so many facets to birth, the labor process, comfort measures and embracing our fears and hopes for birth. All of these topics and more are discussed in our preparing for birth class. This class is a three hour intensive class which can be taken as a private course. Easing the pains of childbirth is one of the number one topics our clients are interested in, and understandably so! Preparations in labor positions will help ease your mind and get you prepared for your birth experience. When you have a handle on what to expect, you will feel more confident in your body’s ability to give birth.

Infant Care 101- Bringing home a new baby can be a shocking experience! There’s a lot that goes into caring for a tiny human. Let us walk you through the ins and outs of those first few weeks and months. We will cover everything from swaddling to the crucial sleep hours. Breast and formula feeding will also be covered to your preference. No topic is too small or too big and with our one on one approach we are ready to give you the experience you need to feel confident in your abilities when you bring home your little bundle. 

Everything Birth-This jam packed class is taught over three, 2 hour sessions usually taught between 20-30 weeks gestation. This class covers everything from prenatal testing to what to expect during labor and the coveted welcoming hour after birth. We briefly touch on breastfeeding as well as postpartum care. If you feel clueless about pregnancy and birth or your just wanting to feel more prepared for whats to come, this is the class for you!