Postpartum Support

Postpartum Rage

We hear about the depression, the anxiety, the baby blues and the very severe psychosis that can occur after we have babies. 

But what about the rage?

The inexplainable, over the top, mind numbing rage that takes over your body and pushes away every person around you. 

You love your baby! You love the snuggles, the kisses, the closeness and all that's involved with caring for this sweet baby. But you are angry. You hate your spouse, your older children get on your last nerve and you don't know how to reconcile it with the love that you feel for them at the exact same moment. 

The rage bubbles up inside of you until you don't even recognize yourself and you don't know why!

This is postpartum rage. It's normal, it's horrible and it's so confusing. You are not alone. 

Postpartum rage is another way that postpartum depression manifests itself. It can be an outward sign of postpartum anxiety. If this is something you are dealing with, take a deep breath. Know that you are not alone. Call your doctor and keep your emotions in check. If you ever feel like hurting your child or baby, call your doctor immediately. 

Your rage will start to dissipate but the timeline is different for everyone. Try to take care of yourself by penciling in self care. An hour here or there to be away from your responsibilities and have time to find who you are again, can be very helpful in dealing with the rage you may be feeling. 

You are an amazing mother. This rage doesn't define you. Take a deep breath, you are doing great. 

Time To Go Back To Work After Baby=Time To PANIC

Time To Go Back To Work After Baby=Time To PANIC

If you’re part of an online support group, you may have seen glorious pictures of other moms’ freezers, stuffed full of the creamy goodness, and began to see that as the standard.  The truth is, no panic is necessary, and if you have 2 weeks before you go back to work, you can get a good amount of milk into the freezer in time.

What Do You Really Need After Baby?

What Do You Really Need After Baby?

You've had your baby and everyone wants to "help!"

Great! You could totally use the help! After all, you are currently in quite a bit of pain, alternating pain relievers like they're candy, leaking from various body parts and bleeding like your made of the dang stuff. Any help is so appreciated!

Postpartum Bleeding: When Will It Stop?

Postpartum Bleeding: When Will It Stop?

You planned for the pregnancy, you planned for the labor, you planned for the birth and you planned for the baby. Did you plan for the postpartum bleeding? Postpartum bleeding can take many women by surprise, especially those who have experienced a cesarean birth. Many think that because a baby was not delivered vaginally, that there wont be as much or the same type of bleeding. Heres the thing, all of our bodies do the exact same thing when we are pregnant.