I thought I was Invincible and Now I'm Sunburnt

I thought I was invincible. 

I spent the day at Worlds of Fun, the amusement park, with my husband, for our 5 year wedding anniversary celebration. 

I didn't wear sunscreen. 

Now I'm sunburnt and it hurts to raise my eyebrows. 

I thought I would share some wisdom with you on how to NOT get sunburnt at an amusement park and have a great time doing it!

Step 1: Sunscreen! This may seem obvious but please! Wear sunscreen. The sun may not be hot, but guess what readers, the sun IS hot! No matter if there is cloud coverage, a cool breeze, or a water park near by, the sun is very hot! It will burn your skin. Protect yourself from burns and potential dangerous skin cancers by using sunscreen religiously. Learn from me, be the smarter person!

Step 2: Buy the novelty drink bottle that costs an arm and a leg, you'll need it! We went through about 8 full bottles of water/soda during our day trip to Worlds Of Fun. We spent about $12 on the water bottle. Theme parks can get a little pricey but on those hot days, you will need the extra fluids! Water parks can be very deceiving about how much you are sweating so make sure you are drinking a lot more than you think! The water bottle is worth it. 

Step 3: Wear comfortable shoes. I chose flip flops because I really am not a fan of socks. I'm not sure I'm fully regretting that decision yet but i'm definitely feeling the after effects of my not super comfortable shoes of choice. Choose shoes that you can really walk in and wont go flying off during the rides because you definitely don't want to lose a shoe to the rides! Socks or no socks, pick something comfy for your feet. 

Step 4: Buy the fast pass! Buy the stinking fast pass! Sure its a little pricier but how often are you going to a theme park for a day of heat insomnia induced fun? Spend the money, skip the lines, buy the fast pass! 

Step 5: Live with abandon! I have found that people don't care about me or how I look as much as I think they care about me and how I look. My truth speaks very clearly that joy, laughter, memories and wholehearted living will make me happier than I could ever have imagined! Put on that swim suit (I wore my mom speedo!!!), smile at your neighbor, strike up a conversation with the person standing next to you in line and laugh like crazy at the fun that is the theme park! Stop worrying about what others will think because I can guarantee you that they aren't thinking about you! 

Overall, it was a great trip and my husband and I both had such a blast! Worlds of fun roller coasters were the first I've been on in 5 years because of the pregnant, nursing, pregnant, nursing life style that has kept me literally attached to two small humans for that time. I'm so glad we chose to do it but next time I'll be taking my own tips. You aren't invincible either so hopefully these will help you too! Now go out and make some amazing memories with the people you love!