Mucus Plug, Mucus Plug, Mucus Plug

Go ahead and say that three times fast without gagging.

Questions about the mucus plug are some of the most asked questions I hear as a doula. 

What is it? Why is it there?

The mucus plug is a mucusy bit of tissue that sits between your uterus and cervix to protect your baby from outside things. It keeps your babies life in the womb healthy and happy! The mucus plug can be made of some old blood but is mainly made up of cervical mucus that collects and almost coagulates to form a type of plug. 

Why is it named that?

The name mucus plug is a pretty realistic name. Its literally a plug made of mucus. When I think of mucus, I always think of that little green character on the mucinex commercials who's always shedding mucus as he talks (oy!). So why we don't call it something else for our own comfort? Your guess is as good as mine! 

When will I lose my mucus plug?

Theres a few ways to answer this, one being that you may never lose it until you are in full blown labor and at that point you probably wont realize that you've lost it. It can also come out bits at a time during the weeks or days leading up to labor. It can be a sign of impending labor but more often is a sign of movement in your body whether that be position changes for the baby, babies head moving down into the cervical opening or a myriad of other changes that need to come about before baby is born. 

What do I do if I lose it?

Breathe and relax! Theres really not much you can do at this point except wait and try to relax. Your body is doing exactly what it needs to do and theres no rush. If you are concerned about it, give your care provider a call but know that red or dark brown tinged mucus is totally normal and only bright red blood is something that needs to cause concern. 

If you have more questions about the mucus plug, contact My KC doula, preferably without a picture *insert winky face here ;)*, we are happy to help!