5 Reasons to Hire a Birth Doula

. Doulas support your choices: Doulas are there to give you and your partner 100% unbiased support. That means that if you want a natural childbirth, we help with that. If you choose to get an epidural along the way, we help support you in that choice too.
2. We work with your care provider: We want to make your birth team excellent which means we work with your care provider instead of against them. This is your birth and you deserve a cohesive team of professionals to help you have the best experience possible!
. We've been there: Professional doulas have been specially trained to understand birth and all its eccentricities. We are not medical professionals but we know whats "normal" for a laboring woman and can help put your mind at ease. We've seen a lot and we know a lot!
4. We support your partner too: We are great at supporting women through labor and birth (and planned cesareans!) but we also help support and ease the minds of your partner. Seeing someone you love in a situation that you don't fully understand can be really tough. It's a huge weight lifted to have someone there that knows the ins and outs of birth and can say "she's doing great and so you are you, why don't we try (xyz)".
5. Postpartum support: Women deserve to be treated like queens after they give birth! A postpartum doula can ensure that that happens. We care for women during the postpartum period (the time immediately after giving birth up to 3 months). We are an outlet for mom to process her birth experience and fully come to terms with the choices that she made. We will clean, cook and cry with you and even fold laundry if you need it!
Just like you wouldn't run a marathon without support, don't go into your birth experience without being prepared! Hire a doula to help you feel empowered and prepared for your birth. Your choices, your birth, our support!
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