"What Do We do With the Other Kids?"

We live in a world where the increasing norm is that we don't live near family. Long passed are the days when our neighbors are our family. Life, jobs, military assignments and school take our families to every corner of the world! That doesn't stop us from having more children (thank goodness!) but it does make things a little harder. 

If you've already perused this website, you probably have a learned a thing or two about doulas. Doulas are the people who are there to support you through this insane new adventure called parenthood starting at pregnancy and continuing through into the postpartum period. Birth doulas are an amazing tool for families who want that extra support and desire to feel confident in the birth room. 

So you've hired your birth doula and you are ready for your birth experience! Now the question is, what about the other kids? What do you do with your other children while you are at the hospital having the birth experience of your dreams? Maybe you don't have neighbors who you can call at 3 AM when you need to head to the hospital or you aren't sure how your kids will do at your home birth and you don't want the distraction of being mom and women giving birth. 

In steps, the sibling doula!

The sibling doula is someone who is on call for you and your family to come over at a moments notice when you go into labor. We offer a prenatal visit where we discuss in age appropriate terms what will happen on the big day and offer advice and teaching for the new siblings! When we are called in, we care for your children as if they were our own. As a retired teacher, I'm able to teach and care for your children in your home in a safe a fun way. We play games, eat meals, and carry on just like any other day while also having the opportunity to practice new sibling duties and discuss birth and baby care in an age appropriate way!

Having your little ones cared for is a huge stress on soon to be second and third time parents. Don't let it get the best of you! Call My KC Doula today about our prices and packages to make sure your other babies are taken care of! We can't wait to bring a calming and professional presence to your story.