Laid in a manger

During this Christmas season, I have been reminded of one aspect of Christs' birth over and over again. As a doula, I feel so much empathy for Jesus's mother Mary and the barn that she gave birth in. Not only was she giving birth for the first time, she was also giving birth to the Savior of the world! If that isn't an immense amount of stress, I don't know what is! This Christmas season, Mary is my hero, for having faith in her body and fighting the fear that can often come with childbirth.

She showed a sense of intuition that many women envy. She is a women that I look to as someone having extreme bravery and extreme love. She is the example of a mother willing to do anything to bring her baby into the world safely, even if that meant just bringing out some fresh hay. She showed compassion for those around her and acceptance of what was to come. My hope this Christmas season is that all women can feel their worth and embrace their strength through birth, much like Mary. I hope that no women will ever have to be alone during their birth experience, a time where, more than ever, we need to support of those around us. Regardless of your religious beliefs, I hope we can remember Mary and be thankful for her example.