The unfortunate reality of my life at this time is that poop is the pervasive conversation, smell and hobby in my home. Theres something horrifying about having a small child in your home who is all at once potty learning, potty regressing and literally OBSESSED with all things poop. Needless to say, this is not how I thought my life would look 5 years ago. Thankfully, i've also been catapulted into the world of being comfortable with the conversation about poop.

As a doula this serves me quite well. For a women in labor, pooping is pretty much a guarantee. Its been said over and over that you wont know, no one will tell you, you wont even care and while all of those things are true, it can still cause a lot of anxiety about the impending labor that could even stall an otherwise healthy labor! With one of The Doula Girls by your side, I can guarantee that if its important to you, its important to us. Poop happens! Our amazing poop patrol skills at home transfer over quite nicely to a birth experience and we are on the ready to help you feel as comfortable as possible!

Got poop anxiety? Dont stress, hire a doula!