Sleepless and pregnant

You guys, pregnancy is tough! Its NOT a walk in the park for most people and it can often take a serious toll on your body, mind and spirit. You are literally giving up your body to house another human being. As cool as it is, it doesnt make it any easier. One of the main issues that i've heard from other mommas and that i've combated myself is the serious lack of sleep. Between waking every few hours to pee and never being able to find a comfortable position, it is NOT easy!

The first thing I want you to know is that you are not alone! A lack of sleep, especially during that last trimester is afflicting to most if not all pregnant women. Being tired all the time is totally normal! Also your body is preparing itself for a year or more worth of no sleep so it may be the best policy to embrace it now. 

If you've embraced it but are still pining for those beautiful peaceful hours of REM here are some suggestions!

1. Body pillow, like yesterday! 
With my first I tried to hold off on the pillow mania for a while since I wasn't super uncomfortable and felt confident that I could keep up my normal routine on sporadic sleep. Once I hit mid second trimester I got a regular body pillow and it worked ok but i remember how obnoxious it was to flip back and forth back every time I had to roll over. I had to wake up, roll and adjust my pillow before I could drift back to sleep. After I had my first I did some research and found this. This is the real deal. The great love of my pregnancy life. The joy that was missing from my first child's sleepless pregnancy nights. THIS was IT!! 

It changed my life and at just 6 weeks pregnant with baby 2, I jumped at the chance to have this pillow. It stayed with me through the second and third trimester and even accompanied me to the labor room. I hugged the crap out of this baby during contractions at one point. I used it postpartum, to ease my cramps and help me get a good rest between nursing sessions. This pillow is my everything! 

Ok enough about the pillow, What else is there?

2. Empty your bladder
I know its easy in theory but seriously, you may want to think about not drinking water a few hours before bed and if you really need it, maybe just a sip. Baby is putting a lot of pressure onto your bladder right now and that makes it feel like you have to pee every other minute. That urge will be lessened with less liquid in your system. Now I'm not saying to never drink water because a pregnant mama needs plenty of fluids, you just may want to cut yourself off at a certain hour. 

3. Go on walks. 
I know it sounds crazy but exercise can make a HUGE difference. Exercise will help put you into a deeper sleep and could even help you stay there. Plus it never hurts to help your heart and stamina for the big day!

4. If all else fails, ask your care provider.
The amazing thing about doctors and midwives is that they have a wealth of information and experience that can and should be tapped into through crucial conversations! Let your care provider know that you are struggling with sleep and need some suggestions. They may know just what to do to help you out. 

Whatever you do just know that pretty soon you will be thrust into a world of pure, wonderful, oxytocin filled love and it will all end up being a distant memory!