Eat Better, Feel Better Volume 1

I want to start a weekly section of the blog called Eat Better, Feel Better. I've found that pregnant women and new moms have one thing in common. We are hungry!! If we named babies based on our cravings, both my kids would be named "cake donut". No joke, I could have eaten cake donuts for every meal. I want to give all you mamas out there some delicious alternatives to the cake donut in hopes that one snack and meal at a time, we can fuel our bodies better to have more healthy and overall better pregnancies and births! 

First up is snacks. Snacks are tough for me because I'm not very good at planning ahead. With two small children in my home, I've found that snacks are crucial to the sustainability and sanity of our home. Snacks are where it's at! If you have good snacks, happiness just follows your kids around! I remember when I was teaching (I taught first grade for a year!) I HAD to have my snacks to get me through the day.

Snack ideas:
Applesauce cup-If you hate the texture of applesauce, I'd skip this but otherwise this is a great way to get a little extra energy (natural sugars!) during your day.

Carrots-There's something about the snap of carrots that is all at once fun and annoying. I always forget about these little guys as a snack idea but its definitely something I want to add to my snack arsenal in the future. 

Raisins- My three year old LOVES raisins. They make the tiny boxes that are perfect for him (and me!) to snack on the car and out and about. 

Almonds- I kind of hate almonds by themselves but if you spice them up with a little cocoa powder or salt, they really are a great snack! They help energize you for the day and fill you up with protein so its a win win!

Veggie straws-These little processed sticks of goodness are my kids absolute favorite right now. I don't let them eat chips because of the choking hazard and my paranoia but these really are the next best thing. They are yummy and made of veggies! 

Pretzels-Salty goodness!

Use a ziploc container and throw your snacks all together for an easy way to keep them from getting smashed in your bag. Take your snacks to work with you and munch throughout the day and alway always always bring a water bottle (with water!!!) to wash it down.

Whether your pregnant, nursing, or up all night, a little snack can really help get you to your next meal. What's your favorite work day or week day snack? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!