Delete All The Emails!

Today I checked my email. 

A few junk emails, something from gap about a sale that I don't care about an inquiry for placenta encapsulation and an email from my husband. I responded to the inquiry and wrote a short reply to my husband and promptly deleted everything else. 

I'm a deleter. There is nothing more infuriating to me than seeing that little (1) in the corner of my email tab. The little red flag on Facebook drives me batty! I hate notifications because my FOMO propels me to check them instantly. I'm a product of our modern world and it seriously sucks! 

So often I think to myself, if only I could let this go. I'll just turn my phone off for a few hours and enjoy what i'm doing. 

But I can't!
I can't do it!

My type A personality keeps me in check. Those emails have to be deleted. The inquiries need to be responded to ASAP. Everyone needs my attention at the exact second that they ask for it. 

And then I get a response. "Wow, Thanks for replying so fast!" Is it just me? Am I the only one that is constantly being nagged by the (1), the unanswered email, or the unlistened to voice message? 

It can't just be me, but the one thing that these types of responses remind me of is that its ok to slow down. It's ok to not answer an email right away. It's ok to put down your phone (maybe not turn it off though!), and the world isn't going to end if your email tab looks more like (5) <----. 

So breathe, overachiever. Know your not alone and never feel bad about deleting all the emails.