Zen Ties and Unbiased Support

My son loves bears. It's no surprise then that he is currently obsessed with the book zen ties. On the front is an adorable illustration of a very giant panda bear. The story follows Stillwater and his nephew koo (who only speaks in haiku, which is adorable!) as they meet and get to know new friends. The friends provide service for an elderly woman who is in need of a friend and a little joy. 

At first the children are scared of the woman, as she hasn't treated them kindly in the past. With a little love and a little understanding, the woman is able to accept help from these friends and find a loyal support in each character. 

This book teaches us that unbiased support is about forgiveness and acceptance. These friends were able to put aside their difference of opinion and life experience to more fully appreciate the talents of this woman. She needed the support of these friends and together they were able to help each other be better people. 

As we go about life, it's important that we slow down and look for those who may need our unbiased support. We don't know the roads that others have traveled and we will never fully understand the struggles and joys of those around us. The one thing we can offer is love, unbiased support and a little time to make magic happen.