Motherhood and Self Care

When I was a new mother I saw this funny little meme. It was a triangle with one word at each point. 

The words were, home, family, self. 

At the bottom it said "now pick two and welcome to motherhood."

I laughed a little and went on with my day. 

This meme sat with me for quite some time and although I didn't want to believe it or agree with it, I wholeheartedly understand and embrace it now. 

Motherhood is a marathon of every emotion you've ever had! It's a never ending battle of understanding who you are, who you are becoming and you will and want to be. There is so much focus on the tiny people that you have brought into this world that there is little time for much else! 

In the triangle, it is fairly inevitable that you will pick family the most. Family will be at the top of almost everyones list because we are human and we don't eat our young. 

The question is "what do I pick next?" 

Im not here to say that it isn't possible to have it all, but I am here to tell you that it's hard. There will be days when all you want to do is put on the new dress you purchased and not get snot rubbed into your shoulder with a goodbye hug, and it may not happen. There will be days when you finish cleaning the kitchen and it is gleaming and you are so proud! Then you realize that the baby has snot running down his face and the toddler is going on hour 2 of bubble guppies. 

Motherhood is messy and crazy. It's never what you imagine but at the end of the day can be so much more than you hoped. embrace the hard days, feel through them and then kick them to the curb in hopes of brighter ones ahead. Put on that dress and ignore the snot on the shoulder (or change in the car!) Give yourself a hug and remember that you are an amazing human being with so much to offer. 

Pick your two things each day and rock the crap out of them! Show the world that you've got those two things covered. It may not be perfect but its doable and liveable and you'll get through this hour, this day, this year, this life with a little more joy than before.