Doula In the Northland

I recently moved to Kansas City. 

Wait, backup...

Where in Kansas City? Southland, northland, Liberty, Overland Park, Olathe, Platte City, Downtown? 


It turns out Kansas City is ENORMOUS!

The Kansas City metro is even larger and when people say "Kansas City" They are talking about two states and a handful of suburbs. 

In the end, because of close proximity to my parents, we chose The Northland Of Kansas City.  

The most interesting paradox about The Northland is that it's fairly new in terms of development and growth. I've found that the culture of togetherness and support when it comes to "moms/families in the Northland" is lacking. If you google "activities for kids in Kansas City, its guaranteed that everything is a minimum of 30 minutes away. 

In settling in The Northland of Kansas City, I have high hopes of bringing a sense of togetherness and gathering that I haven't been able to find since the big move. 

I recently started a facebook group with Hands on Health Chiropractic care in an attempt to start that community that is lacking. We'd love to have you join us here. 

We want women in the Northland and beyond, in places like St. Joseph and Richmond to know that they have options for care, like doula services and chiropractic care, that are closer to them. We are excited to offer more opportunities for togetherness and friendship in the Northland and we can't wait to have you along side us as we do!

We are ready to bridge the gap between The Northland of Kansas City and, well... everywhere else! 

Photo Credit: Anchor & Spire Photography (of the Northland!!)