An Open Letter To My Father On Father's Day

Dear Dad, 

I'm not an overly sentimental person but I wanted to take a minute to write you a letter because you are a sentimental person. 

There are times in my life when I am flabbergasted and literally dumbstruck as to why I have been blessed with such an amazing father. It shocks me to my core. In a world where so many fathers are not available to their children, don't help out with their needs or are no where to be found at all. I cant comprehend the hurt of children who have struggled with this reality but I feel for them and hope for only love and amazing male role models in their future (which you are as well!) 

Ive been given a dad who's flaws include weird dad dancing, sometimes telling inappropriate jokes or thinking that my 3 1/2 year old should be forward facing (he's too young!). 

You are a giver. You will give and give until you have worked through to the bone. I've never seen someone give as much as you. I've never seen someone strive so hard to be at the top of his field at work and to be the best father to his children and wife, at home. 

You've taught me what it is to love by loving my mother unconditionally. You've taught me what it is to compromise as I've watched the struggle that you and my mother often find yourselves in due to both of your complete stubbornness. You've taught me how to work hard for the things I want, to be patient and to never ever ever give up. 

You've taken yourself, a boy with nothing, and created a man who is able to do anything that he wants and be anything that he wants and yet you still choose us, every day. You choose a life that is centered in forgiveness, giving, and love and I am beyond grateful for that example. 

I love how people look up to you. I love how people turn to you for direction in their lives. I love your wisdom and knowledge. I love your love of history, books and learning. I love how you literally sing to yourself 24/7 because silence just isn't an option. I love how you took the four girls you were given, instead of the four boys you probably were (but would never admit to) wanting and you sculpted us to revere womanhood, motherhood, kindness, and love. And in the same breath, you showed us what it was to not only demand respect, but earn it. You showed us what it meant to be the boss and to humble yourself enough to see the needs of those around us and work accordingly. 

You have given and given to us our whole life, whether we deserved it or not. You have shown us how to make and stick to our boundaries and where to lie our priorities in this life. 

I can't thank you enough for the life that you have provided me with and path that you have set ahead of me. I hope that I can fill your expectations and that I can always make you as proud as you make me. 

I love being your daughter, I love when people know I'm your daughter. You are a giant of a man both in stature and in spirit and I am forever grateful to be yours. 

Your second daughter