World Breastfeeding Week- Supporting and Celebrating Women

The Doula Girls are doulas who love options. We embrace the many facets of motherhood and love to hear the stories of the front lines. We aren't advocates. We are supporters. We know that life throws curve balls, digs ditches and erects mountains. We support our clients in whatever decision they choose to make because we understand motherhood. 

This week is World Breastfeeding Week. If you've ever had a human child come out of your body, you've been asked the question "are you going to breastfeed?" This is important information for care providers as they are responsible for the health of you and your child and its important to know how your sweet baby will be fed. You've also most likely been told the risks and benefits of breastfeeding vs formula feeding. Heres the thing that you aren't told:

You're not told that your child will have severe reflux and need to be on medication for the first 6 months of their life. 

You're not told that breastfeeding is going to go perfectly and your flat nipples aren't going to be a problem at all. 

You're not told that breastfeeding with a shield will be your reality for the first 8 months that you breastfeed. 

You're not told that experiences from your past have resurfaced and breastfeeding simply isn't for you. 

You're not told that formula feeding your child allows you to get 4 hours of sleep instead of two and with a demanding job that you must return to at 6 weeks postpartum, you HAVE to sleep. 

You're not told that nursing your child is the most difficult thing that you've ever done and your postpartum depression and anxiety has kicked in full force and your feeling hopeless. 

Breastfeeding is a blessing; our bodies create the food that can nourish our children and keep them alive and growing. Breastfeeding can be a curse; it's one of the most difficult things that many women have experienced as they are 100% in charge of this particular stage of their child's life.  

Mom's who breastfeed; we applaud you this week for your sacrifice and immense love of your children. This is your week, whether you breastfed once or thousands of times, you've conquered goals and come out victorious!

Mom's who formula feed; we celebrate you because of your sacrifice and you're willingness to care and love for your beautiful children. You are victorious because you are a beautiful mother. 

No path is the "right" path because each and every family and circumstance is different. We have the unique opportunity in this day and age to have options and understanding that far surpasses that of our ancestors. Whatever you decide, we support you and are here to listen, embrace and understand. 

Happy World Breastfeeding Week to all of you beautiful mothers out there. You are loved by your children, and we hope that no matter what you've chosen as far as feeding your children, that you feel loved and supported by those around you. You are amazing and we applaud you. 

Photo provided by : Jessica Olsen Photography