Pink, Blue or Yellow

Finding out the gender can be one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. You will finally know if you should be buying pink or blue. Names are much easier to come up with and you can celebrate each new step with your little guy or gal in mind. 

I found out what gender my baby was with both my first and second baby. With my boy, I was absolutely thrilled! I don't have any brothers so the idea of adding a boy to the was something overwhelmingly exciting! 

With my second child, I found out that we were having a girl and some serious soul searching ensued. Although I did have gender disappointment, I was so grateful for the opportunity to prepare myself before she was born so that I could truly celebrate her beautiful birth!

I have never in my life been someone to like surprises. I hate surprise parties, the unknown and "limbo". I want to know what's going to happen! If I could know and plan for every large event in my life, I would be beyond thrilled for the opportunity to plan. That is, until this pregnancy. 

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and I have absolutely no desire to find out the gender of this baby. I have thrown caution to the wind, purchased an all white baby layette and have exciting plans to find out the babies gender at their birth. I have heard it all, "you are so much stronger than me." "How are you even doing that?" "Theres no way I could do that!" "Did  you do that with your others?" "Why in the world are you doing that?" 

Now this method isn't for everyone. In fact, it wasn't for me until I found out I was pregnant with baby #3 and that is OK. No matter what you choose, finding out the gender of your baby is a surprise whether it's at 10 weeks, 20 or 42! You are the one who gets to choose who has and when they have this knowledge. 

Babies are an amazing adventure, from that first pregnancy stick to the last push! Your choices, when made 100% by you, ensure an empowering and fulfilling birth from start to finish!