What Is An Empowering Birth Experience?

So many times in the past few weeks, the idea of an empowering birth experience has been brought up. I've had the opportunity to introduce myself as a doula multiple times and I'm still a little shocked at the relationship that has been put onto doulas and natural birth. 

I am not a natural birth advocate. 
I am a supporter of all things that empower my clients. 

So what does that mean exactly? If the standard definition of natural birth isn't my definition of empowering birth, what is? 

Empowering birth, to me, is a birth experience that my clients feel supported. 
It's when my clients feel strong because they made choices that were best for them, their families and their baby. 

Empowering birth is choosing a cesarean section because the emergency cesarean with their first baby was difficult and overwhelming for them. 

Empowering birth is choosing to go without drugs because your mother says you can't do it. 

It's choosing the epidural because you don't have any desire to feel the pain of childbirth. 

Empowering birth is listening to your partner and coming together during one of the most amazing moments of your lives. 

There is no "one" definition of empowering birth but in every scenario there are things that ring true. Decisions were made by YOU. No advocate needed, nothing the books can prepare you for, just truly 100%, authentically you. That is an empowering birth experience as far as I can define it and it's something that I hope for every single one of my clients.

Your birth may not have looked perfectly like your hand written birth plan, but the way it unfolds prepares you for parenthood in ways that you can't even begin to comprehend.

It shows you how strong and capable you truly are. 

Photo by: Jessica Olsen Photography