The Best Bathtub for Baby

Bathtubs and babies don't mix. 

When you're pregnant, you go to the baby store and buy the fanciest bathtub they have. All the bells and whistles, water temp thing to make sure the water is perfect, soft mat part for baby to lie on. Then the baby comes. 

You quickly realize that the baby tub is a crock and it actually is the worst possible thing you've ever purchased. 

How are you supposed simultaneously hold an infant with zero muscle control, soap them, keep them warm, make them not cry and make sure they dont drown, all at the same time?! It feels obnixous! If you've ever been in it, you know what I'm talking about. 

I've been there and I did that, three times! Always hoping that the new tub I purchased would be THE tub! The baby tub actually made for newborn babies! 

I was wrong and now i'm here to help you out. 

I've finally found it. The best tup in the world. The only "tub" I will every use for my new babies. The strange thing? Its not even a tub at all. 

It's a sponge, and it costs $7. 

The sponge is AMAZING! It is a newborn must have. It keeps your baby cradled so you don't have to hold their head. it makes them warm and feel safe so theres minimal crying (but they are babies so don't take my word for that.) Its super easy to use and has virtually no clean up and every baby I've ever used it with LOVES it! 

Babies love to kick in the water and feel the water on their hands. After all, they did live in water for 9 months! 

So, looking for the best bathtub for baby? Buy the sponge and never look back!