The Washcloth and Why It's the Ultimate Birth Tool

Prepping for your labor and birth experience can be exhausting! You read list after list and try to pack every little thing you could possibly need into your hospital bag.

Tucks cloths

and a million other things! By the time you have everything packed you're carting around three large suitcases and every pillow you've ever owned!

First, try to relax. You are going to be amazing! It's going to be hella hard but you are going to ROCK this birth. And at the end, you are going to meet your sweet perfect baby! 

Second, unpack some things. You literally do not need 6 blankets to bring your baby home. Maybe one but otherwise, the hospital has plenty! 

Third, listen close. 
All of those labor tools that you've brought are probably awesome. Birth can be totally unpredictable and I want to share with you my absolute favorite tool of all time. It's located at the hospital and anyone can use it on you. Its called "the washcloth"! 

I know, I'm not that funny, but seriously! The washcloth is an amazing tool that can get almost anyone through some pretty tough labor. You can run your washcloth under hot or cool water, instantly making a hot or cold compress. Heat and cold therapy can relax your nerves and muscles (depending on what you need at the time) and help your contractions continue moving your baby to its intended destination. 

Oils, snacks and music can be great for a lot of people, but almost every client I've had has needed or wanted some form of heat/cool therapy. 

Plan ahead and talk with your partner about ways to use the washcloth to cool you down when you're too hot or warm you up when you get the shakes! Or better yet, call  My KC Doula and we can help you! The washcloth is at your demand!