My KC Doula

The Doula Girls has been quite the adventure! I began this business in North Liberty Iowa after my doula training in 2015. I wanted to start a business with a name that allowed for growth and movement. We weren't sure how long we would be living in Iowa and I didn't want to name a business something that couldn't move with me. 

Well, lo and behold, shortly after I started my business, my husband got a job in Kansas City and I was super excited for the new adventure. I decided to keep my business as "the Doula Girls" in hopes that I could continue my goal of opening an agency. Well, that dream fizzled when I realized that I was needed a little more at home than I had thought. It turns out that trying to run a business in a new town with zero knowledge of the the cities goings on, makes for a difficult start. 

I was lucky enough to make a connection with the already thriving agency Kansas City Doulas. I had a very successful year and half with KCD and enjoyed my time with them. I also got pregnant and had my third child during that time. After I had my son, I made the decision to finally branch out on my own as a solo doula!

With this branching out, I decided it was time for a new name! I'm excited to introduce My KC Doula, Kansas City's full concierge doula service! I'm so excited to serve my clients with more excitement and passion for the service that I offer. 

If you are in need of birth doula services, placenta encapsulation services or childbirth education, I'm your girl! I'm looking forward to serving Kansas City and making birth better!