Postpartum Bleeding: Are Blood Clots Normal?

You've had your baby! She is absolutely beautiful and you couldn't be more pleased. Then it happens. You get up to use the bathroom, sit down on the toilet and feel like you may have just given birth again. 

Don't worry! It's not twins! 

Chances are, you are experience postpartum bleeding. Sometimes postpartum bleeding can even mean passing of blood clots. What's happening when you pass a blood clot? Well, after you give birth, your body sheds the lining of the uterus and that can cause a good amount of blood because your uterus grows quite a bit during pregnancy. Blood will stick together and cause an almost jelly like clot that then has to be expelled from your body. If you have never experienced blood clots before, this can be terrifying! 

But don't worry! Blood clots are perfectly normal! If you are passing very large clots, larger than a golf ball, and often, you need to call your doctor and discuss with them. If you're passing clots around golf ball size, for the first few days after birth, you are probably good to go! 

Around day 2-6, your bleeding and blood clots will slow way down and may even stop but you may still experience some blood clots. After this time, it is unlikely that you will have any more blood clots but it may still happen. Always feel free to call your doctor if you have any questions about your postpartum bleeding.