Baby Acne And Why My Baby Looks Like A Troll

Your new baby has just gone from the cutest, snuggliest, softest, most beautiful baby to having a face only a mother could love, in a matter of days! 

Baby acne is the culprit and pissing off mamas everywhere is its game. In fact, we are dealing with this right now with my one month old. He's starting to look a bit trollish if you ask me!

Baby acne can look a little like a bad rash. White head like pimples will dot your babies sweet face but whatever you do, do not pop, pick or irritate your babies skin. What's actually happening when you see baby acne is your baby is excreting much of the hormones that they received from you while in the womb. As their skin matures, their epidermis works to get rid of the excess hormones.

So the question remains, what can we DO to make this go away?! How do we make this better for our baby and for us stressed out moms? The simple answer, patience. It can be so difficult to wait and allow your babies acne to go away on it's own, but that is exactly what is suggested. 

If you do want to try some things many women swear by breastmilk rubbed into the rashy areas. You can also use coconut oil. Keeping the skin clean and dry is essential but be aware to not over wash. Baby acne is not caused by dirt and excessive cleaning can actually irritate the skin even more. A warm, wet rag for washing babies face is as much washing as is needed. 

I know its annoying but trust me, that beautiful, acne free baby skin will be back in no time!