Doula Work and A Team Model

As My KC Doula has grown over the last three years and more and more families are reaching out for customized, professional support, it’s really gotten me thinking. Am I equipped to handle all of these things on my own?

There’s a lot that goes into this work. Obviously attending births and supporting families is key but behind the scenes, there’s so many things that make the machine work. Phone calls, consultations, texts and emails from clients, meeting with care providers and forging good relationships with hospitals and nurses, research research research, maintaining a website and so much more!

My KC Doula is excited to announce that we are switching over to a team agency model! So what does this mean for clients? The changes for clients will be minimal but beneficial. As the face of the business, I will no longer be assigned to every single client case. With more doulas on the team comes more flexibility as far as who is where and when!

After the initial call with me (Owner, Samantha Moore) I will choose a team that I think will most benefit you and your needs. That team will then meet with you in your home or a neutral location for a consultation to get to know you better and answer any questions you have. Our mission at My KC Doula has always been to offer phenomenal support that caters to the individual and by working in a team model, we can truly fulfill this goal even more!

Once the contract is signed, you will receive an email with both of your doulas phone numbers and emails and they are officially on call for you from that moment! We believe that no matter what happens, you need your doulas to be available to you, NOT just at 37 weeks and beyond.

The team model also allows for an on and off call schedule to work for the benefit of both team members. By running the call schedule this way, both doulas can have much needed rest between births while also having the backup support that is so crucial for a birth team in case of emergency. You want your doula to be refreshed and ready to work for you and thats just what a team model offers!

We are so thrilled about these changes as we move forward with My KC Doula and serve the greater Kansas City area. We can’t wait to see more babies brought into this world with their families supported and surrounded by love. Please contact My KC Doula with any questions you might have and we can’t wait to serve you better!