Three Birthing Positions to Try During Labor

We all have seen the old adage of movie stars giving birth flat on their back in every moving portraying birth... ever. They usually make it look terrifying and not like something I would ever want to do!

The great thing is that trying different labor positions and birthing positions is becoming the norm and screaming flat on your back is no longer what we expect during birth. 

I want to share with you three of my favorite laboring and pushing positions as you plan for your upcoming birth. 

1. Deep squat with the help of a support person: While in labor and even before, while pregnant, please do not try this squat alone. Having a support person to guide you in and out of this position is necessary for safety. What this position does is open up your hips and pelvis to help baby move into a good position to be born. This position can also be comfortable for mothers who are experiencing pain in their hips during labor. 

2. Hands and knees: This is one is super self explanatory. It can be done on the floor or the bed (for knee comfort). hands and knees helps align your spine and pelvis to bring baby down into a good position. It also can make hip squeezes easier for your support person so it's a win/win!

3. Side lying with top leg support: Have you ever used a peanut ball or slept with a pillow between your legs? This position has the same idea. Creating more room in your hips and pelvis, the baby is able to drop into a good position for birth. It also can help contractions to become longer and stronger because baby is pushing on your cervix in a more helpful way. This can be super helpful for mothers who choose epidurals during their labor because its another way to naturally help baby out. Having your support person help hold your upper leg gives you more control to push your baby out!

These are just some easy ways to add movement to your labor and pushing which can speed that process along. They are also great positions to practice as you prepare for labor to get your body familiar with an open pelvis and proper body placement. 

The last thing to remember is that you never know what's going to be helpful and what's going to be excruciating during labor so try everything! It's almost always helpful to get up and move around. Need more suggestions? The Doula Girls always have plenty up our sleeve and ready to change things up at a moments notice!

Photo provided by: Christine Hurla Photography