The ABC's of Pregnancy: A is for Appetite

Your pregnancy appetite may surprise you. You may shift from "anything I eat makes me throw up" to "if I don't eat 15 cheeseburgers NOW, I will pass out." It doesn't make sense and it can be super frustrating for you and your partner to figure out. The great news is that you don't have to!

Embrace the fact that you may start craving fish fillets or cupcakes on the daily and roll with it. Now is the time to practice some self control but also accept that you aren't going to eat perfectly. 

Now is NOT the time to worry about "dieting". If anything, working toward a healthy diet, rich with veggies, fruit, whole grains and protein is just what you need to have a healthy pregnancy and postpartum experience. Limiting calories and working out excessively is not a healthy way to deal with cravings. 

Lastly, Its ok to cry about food! It happens and its normal. Your hormones are raging and changing on an hourly basis. Crying about "silly" things is normal and will make you feel better in the end!

Your appetite during pregnancy is ever changing. Embrace it, eat that piece of cake that you want and try to eat as healthy as possible. You've got this!