Tips and Tricks from Lactation Experts

I was recently a part of a quick survey, put together by Haakaa (my favorite silicone breastmilk catcher brand!) where they specifically asked us, what were our go to breastfeeding tips for new mothers. As a doula, I support my clients where they are with educational support that they desire. With that perspective I went into this question with the idea of "find a lactation expert!" I was so pleased with their answers! I hope that these tips and tricks are valuable on your breastfeeding journey. 

What are some of your most valuable breastfeeding tips to impart of your mothers?

  • Make a list of local lactation resources before you need them: take a class, seek a local group for lactating parents, enlist a supportive partner, find a lactation coach. Don’t wait to get help. You may not know all of the questions you should be asking, so get help.
  • It should not hurt, so ask for help if it does.
  • When it gets tough, keep going. Don’t quit on your hardest day.
  • Feed on demand. Never time the baby. Follow the baby’s cues. Nurse often. Every drop counts, so watch the baby, not the clock. 
  • If the baby is making any type of distressed noise, put them straight on the breast even it’s been only 15 minutes.
  • Trust your body, trust yourself, trust your baby.
  • Use hand expression before and after feeding to empty the breast.
  • Keep skin to skin as much as possible.
  • Latch is the most important thing to be successful with breastfeeding. It’s all about the latch.
  • Always breastfeed or pump when you are calm and relaxed. It makes for a better experience, and it’s easier to let down.
  • Make sure the baby is in a comfortable position with its head and neck aligned.
  • The best time to get a full milk supply is in the beginning. If you baby is not feeding well or your supply is down, by all means pump. And pump like it’s your job!
  • Sing to baby from pregnancy to birth. Then when you need to pump, sing the same song and it will trigger a letdown.

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