Babywearing With Twins

Babywearing, especially with twins, can be very helpful. You will have free hands to go about your daily tasks while still keeping that close contact your newborns need. The Kansas City Babywearing Society has a Twin/Tandem Wearing Meeting coming up on October 12, 2019.

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Weego Twin
Front tandem soft structured carrier (SSC) can be used starting at 4lbs to a combined 33lbs and is relatively easy to use. Tip - wear a backpack diaper bag so you have your hands free and it helps to counterbalance the weight. 

Stretchy Wrap

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Pocket wrap cross carry is set up the same way for wearing one baby or two and can be pre-tied, so it’s easy to put on and then take babies in and out as needed. This wrap can be hot in the summer as there need to be multiple layers and the fabric isn't super breathable. A hybrid stretchy wrap can be a little more supportive than a standard stretchy wrap. Because of the way a hybrid is made, you can wear a baby on your back, which you can't in a regular stretchy wrap. It’s great for around the house and can be worn without a shirt for skin to skin contact.

Woven Wrap

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This is the most versatile and long lasting option. Tandem front wrap cross carry (fwcc) can be used with young babies.

When babies gain a little more head and neck control some more options include the Amanda's tandem hip carry and Jasmine's tandem hip carry. There are multiple combinations of carries for front/back tandems in a woven wrap.

2 Meh Dai Carriers

You can do tandem front off center and/or tandem hip carries in Meh Dai carriers. These front/back tandems are great for twins around 4-6 months because it’s a floppy/unstructured/wrap combination.

MiniMonkey Twin

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Tandem hip carry soft structured carrier.The MiniMokey Twin may not always fit newborns. Check to see if your twins fit correctly with an educated babywearer before using. Many people use this as a bridge between a Weego Twin and a Twingo.

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Twingo & Twingaroo

Tandem front/back soft structured carriers. Each one of these carriers can separate into two separate soft structured carriers. To wear both babies, one on the front and one on the back, the baby on the back must be able to sit unassisted, which means both of these carriers are not the best option for newborns. However, with an infant insert, and for both babies to be worn on the front (two separate caregivers), newborns can be worn in this carrier as long as they fit properly with the insert. Again, check with an educated babywearer to see if babies fit properly.

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Candice Rethmeier Moran from Kansas City Babywearing Society on twin babywearing.
Blog written by: Annisa Foster, Postpartum Doula