The ABC'S of Birth: B is For Belly

When will I start showing? When will my belly pop? When will I ACTUALLY look pregnant and not just food babyesque?

I get this question a lot, especially from first time moms and my answer is this:
You'll start looking pregnant on your time, in your bodies own way! 

Some women see a baby bump forming around 8 weeks when their hormones kick in and relaxin takes over. Relaxin in the hormone that relaxes the muscles, ligaments and soft tissue in your WHOLE BODY and allows it to grow and push a baby out!

This means that you finally get that cute baby belly but it also means you may experience some annoying or painful pregnancy symptoms including round ligament pain or excess gas. 

Some women with a long torso or muscular abdominals, may not see a huge change in their baby bump until closer to 12-20 weeks of pregnancy because the baby may be a little more hidden in their torso. This is totally normal! 

Once your on your 2nd baby and beyond, your body knows exactly what will happen and often starts "looking pregnant" much sooner. Embrace it! Every pregnancy, body and baby are different so plan ahead to enjoy and appreciate the hard work that your body is up to. Eat healthy, splurge sometimes and enjoy your pregnancy no matter what your belly is telling the world!