Group Childbirth Classes In Kansas City

Whether you are a first time parent or this is baby number five, birth can be an overwhelming thing! Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are often such a short blip in our child's timeline that it's easy to forget what you are supposed to remember from baby to baby. Or maybe  you are a totally prepared first time parent but have more questions about the big day. Wherever you are in your pregnancy and birth journey, I've got a class for you!

This year I am offering a group birth prep class each month on the third Friday night of each month. Group classes are a fun and dynamic way to learn about birth and prepare for your birth experience. The great thing about this class is that it is limited to 4 couples. This means that each class is catered to your needs and your questions will be answered. 

Often when we think of a birth class, you may think of a jam packed room with lots of pregnant ladies and their partners. Everyone has questions but no one feels comfortable enough to ask them. That goes against everything I believe about birth courses! Your comfort and participation in these classes is what makes them thrive! Each birth story is so unique, why shouldn't your birth class be as well?

We will cover everything from labor fears and how to process those, comfort measures for early labor and active labor, laboring positions, and the physiology of birth. Whether you are a terrified newbie or seasoned birther, this class is for you because it's your class! 

Questions? contact us! I'm happy to walk you through the ins and outs of this course and answer any questions you have. 

Ready to sign up? Awesome! Follow this link. I can't wait to meet you!