How Do We Know When To Let Go?

I've recently become a mother of three. 

It's been amazing! My kids are wonderful, peaceful and so sweet. They LOVE their little brother and help me take care of him. They love to give him kisses and hugs and they never try to poke him in the eye. My son recently started preschool and getting him out the door is always a dream. He listens when I ask him to get his shoes on, and even helps his sister get herself ready. Preschool drop off is always exciting as he prepares for a new day or learning. 

Ok, I have to stop, i'm laughing too hard! That paragraph was a big old lie! My house is a literal crap show! Like literally bodily fluids everywhere because we are also trying to potty train my rambunctious almost 3 year old. 

Fellow parents, this life is out of control craziness every single day. Screaming, yelling, too loud giggling, my brain constantly feels like it's on fire from all the loud noises. One thing you may not know about me is that I am a control freak. I feel the most at peace when I am fully in control of my surroundings. The one thing I've learned with three small children is that I HAVE to let go.

For my own sanity, I HAVE to let go of something. A perfect house, perfect meals, perfect hair, perfect body, perfect children, quiet children, well read children, smart children, clean bathroom. I simply can't do it all! I'm working every day to know when and what to let go of. 

It's hard. Some of my previous priorities simply cant be priorities anymore because the baby needs to be nursed or someone needs my attention. And thats ok! 

Each day I'm learning how to let go of something. How to let go of perfection and settle into love and acceptance of this new life. 

My kids will never be perfect and my hair probably wont be either but thats OK, because I'm learning how to know when to let go and that is a lesson more precious to me than perfection.

Photo by: T.Knight Photography