Must Haves for Early Pregnancy

When a lot of people think of doulas, they think about the time later in pregnancy. I think it’s because we are often equated to labor and delivery. This is a myth about doula work because one of my favorite things about being a doula is working with and getting to know moms during early pregnancy! There’s a lot thats going on with our bodies and it can feel a little scary or confusing when you don’t know what to expect. Here’s a list of 7 must have’s that I always suggest to my clients in that early pregnancy stage!

  1. Gin Gin’s: Ginger Candy
    This ginger candy can be so helpful for nausea and upset stomachs during the first few weeks of pregnancy. It’s so difficult to go throughout your day like nothing is happening when there is a war going on in your stomach. Gin Gin’s can help soothe your tummy one little chewy candy at a time!

  2. Preggie pops:

    Another great way to combat the morning (all day!) sickness are preggie pops. These suckers and meant to soothe your stomach and keep nausea at bay.

  3. Elastic Waist Extender:

    These may seem unnecessary but trust me they are a lifesaver! These little extenders go a long way when your body is experiencing bloating from increased progesterone (those pesky but amazing hormones!) No one wants to deal with pants that are too tight so grab a long shirt and some waist extenders and eat your sandwich in peace!

  4. A great prenatal with DHA
    Your prenatal is one of the most important things to start doing/taking during your pregnancy. It will ensure that baby is getting everything they need to grow healthy and strong. Pink stork is a great option!

  5. Pregnancy Pillow

    You may have already noticed back ache, tossing and turning in the night or other not very fun symptoms of pregnancy. Don’t wait, buy a pregnancy pillow today! You will thank me in a few days.

  6. A good protein powder

    Increasing your protein during pregnancy is a great way to enjoy a healthy delivery! An easy way to do this is to use a great protein powder in shakes and smoothies. I love Vega chocolate protein powder!

  7. Early Gender Reveal test!

    Its now possible to find out the gender of your baby at 9-10 weeks pregnant! If you are a planner like me, this test is just up your alley!

Happy Early Pregnancy!