Spotlight: We Rock The Spectrum-KC

As a former elementary school teacher, who studied special education, I've always held play therapy in high regard. When I heard about We Rock The Spectrum, I knew it was a place that I wanted to support. 

I had the chance to attend WRTS-KC with my children in tow and was mesmerized at the play space that was set up. I felt so grateful that my children now had a place to play with every type of child and that judgement, ridicule and isolation, would be left at the door. My toddler and preschooler had an absolute blast! They ran, jumped, tumbled, swung and climbed. 

I was able to talk to the Owner Cassidi Jobe about what brought her and this ingenious business to the northland. 


Tell us about We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym? 
We Rock The Spectrum is Kansas City's only inclusive sensory gym. Our unique equipment includes suspended swings, climbing walls, trampoline, a zip line, a pretend play room as well as an arts and crafts area. 


What got you interested in this type of therapy? 
I have two boys, Parker (11) and Preston (10) who are both on the Autism Spectrum. I struggled for years to find indoor play facilities to take my children where they could get the sensory input they needed in an environment that understood their behaviors. After MANY failed attempts I decided to build a sensory gym in our home. The sensory room is great but my children were still isolated from their peers and  there were no social opportunities for growth in social skills. I was online one night researching sensory play groups and I found franchise information for We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym. I knew almost immediately this is was I had been searching for and that KC needed this type of a facility. 


What are your hopes for the gym? 
Our mission is to provide play opportunities for children with and without developmental disabilities. My hope is that we can create an atmosphere where children can grow and develop alongside each other, where parents feel their children are accepted for who they are, and where parents can connect with one another 


What made you choose the Northland for your location? What do you love about the Northland of Kansas City? 
Our family lives in Liberty and I know first hand how limited the choices are for indoor facilities that offer open play! I love what a strong, family oriented  community we have in the north land. 


What is your favorite part about working with families?
Hearing their stories and watching their children grow! I love seeing a child's confidence grow as they frequent the gym and I also love seeing parents make new connections with other parents! It SO important for families to have a support system and having friends who have children similar ages can be a lifesaver during the infant and toddler years! 


What type of events does the Gym offer? 
In addition to open play seven days a week we have bi weekly music groups and yoga classes. We also offer private birthday parties, private play dates, as well as seasonal community events! Our monthly calendar can be found on our Facebook page or our website


If you have children, no matter the age or ability level, I highly suggest We Rock the Spectrum-KC. We had such a blast and will definitely be back!

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