How can Your Doula Support a Cesarean Birth

We get this question a lot and the first thing I want you to know, is that we can, in fact support you through a cesarean birth. 

Whether it's be a planned cesarean, emergency cesarean or elective cesarean after laboring a few hours, we can support that. 

Let me paint you a picture of how this works. 

You are a woman about to give birth. It's going to be hard and it's going to be emotional. Lets say you've planned a cesarean with your OB at 39 weeks. You go into the hospital the morning of your cesarean and you sit. And you wait. And they ask you a million questions and you wait some more. All of a sudden it hits you,  you're going to have a baby today!

The nurses will be supportive and amazing and they prep you and your partner for surgery but there's no way they can physically be in all the places that they need to be. You will inevitably be left alone with your feelings, jitters, fears and excitements. 

If you had a doula, you're doula would be there to share in these moments before the birth of your baby. We would be your confidant as nurses and doctors begin to prep you and you may not know whats going on. We will help you understand what's being said and encourage you to ask the questions that come to mind to help you feel as prepared as possible. 

A doula can be that second set of hands that is often needed during the beginning stages of birth. You're partner may need to run to the bathroom, prepare himself for surgery, grab a bite to eat or make a quick call to family. Theres a myriad of reasons that another set of hands can help prepare you for your big moment. We can massage your feet, hands, legs and neck while you prepare to become a mother whether that be for the first time or many more beyond. 

You will most likely walk or be wheeled to the OR where you will continue to be prepped for surgery. It's at this time that many OR's will ask that there be one extra in the room which would mean your doula may be waiting for you in the hall or waiting room. 

Then you're beautiful baby is born! You may request immediate skin to skin, a clear drape and family centered birth. Many hospitals in Kansas City are able to accommodate these requests and they can add a lot to the experience if that's what you are wanting.

Often times the baby is taken to the warmer and the nursery immediately after birth and your partner will be asked to go with the baby. At this time you may be left alone in the OR and for many women, it can be an emotional time. With previous discussions with your OB and the anesthesiologist on staff, they may allow for you to do a "switch out" with your partner and doula. 

When your partner follows the baby out of the OR, your doula may be able to come in to support you and help you feel grounded while you get stitched up. We will talk about the amazing birth of your baby, your feelings about it all, your thoughts on the experience and whatever else you want to discuss during that one to two hour time frame. 

Immediately after, you will most likely be wheeled into recovery. This is the time a doula can help new parents the most. We will help you with breast feeding if thats your choice, bonding with your baby, helping your partner bond with baby and continue discussing your feelings about your birth experience.

We are there to support and serve you in any way we can. That can mean a myriad of things including calling family members, grabbing our clients some food, discussing any needs that you have at that time, talking with you and the nursing staff about recovery and what is to be expected and so much more. 

I have a firm belief that every woman who has a baby come out of their body could benefit with support if that is what they desire. Cesarean birth is absolutely no exception. Let us support you through your cesarean birth. We will bring a calming, reassuring presence during such a huge, life changing time. 

Doulas are more than natural birth support. We support all women through major life transitions and cesarean birth is no exception. Let us help you make your cesarean birth beautiful.