"What does a doula really do?"
Our definition of a doula is a support person for the family during your birth experience as well as postpartum. This includes physical, emotional and informational support. Doulas bring us back to the days when women would rally together during a birth to support the mother and make her feel like the goddess that she is. Your doula is a treasure trove of information and a sounding board for those seemingly endless questions and decisions that come up during labor and newborn care. We listen to your family and strive to fulfill your needs so that your pregnancy, labor and postpartum period can be everything you've ever dreamed. 


"Why would I choose "My KC Doula" over other doulas in the area?
My KC Doula is here to bring a fresh face to the doula world. We are professionally trained and certified, and our main concern is you! We don't push agendas and we don't overstep boundaries. We listen, we help, we support. As certified doulas we have a wealth of information at our finger tips and are experts in normal. Our passion is to help you have the best birth and postpartum experience possible, whether that be through natural home delivery or planned cesarean, we are there for you every step of the way.


"I don't think I need a doula because I have an amazingly supportive husband/partner!"
My KC Doula is here to support the whole family! Having a baby can be stressful and we are here as a calming resource throughout the birth process. We've been specially trained and certified to incorporate dad/partner in a way that they are comfortable and help them be more active in the experience. We don't replace your partner, we enhance their role to help everyone have the best experience possible. Each new dad has a specific communication style and comfort level that we are more than ready to work with so that you both can enjoy the experience. 

"I was thinking about having a doula but then I decided that I would just have my mom/sister/mother in law step into the role!"
What a wonderful thing to be able to have special people in your life to share this experience with! Although we've found mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters and friends to be great additions to the labor room, it can also at times add contention or bring about an experience that isn't the mothers ideal. A doula works with the people in your life that you choose to share this experience with and brings a calming clarity and training that another support person may not have. We have been specially trained to help you make decisions that are right for you and own those choices. Each of our doulas offers unbiased, nonjudgmental support and excels in the art of communication to help everyone have a great experience. 

"I have kids at home who need support while I'm giving birth! Do you do that?"
Yes! We love providing sibling support throughout your birth experience. We are there to not only care for your children during this time but also help them to better understand the changes that are about to take place in your home. We want every member of your family to feel comfortable with the coming changes and we are more than ready to support your children at this time.

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"What areas of Kansas and Missouri do you service?" 

We serve and offer classes to a very wide range of areas in the Kansas City Metro. This includes Overland Park, Olathe, Liberty, Platte City, Cameron, Kearney, Raytown, St. Joseph, Shawnee Mission, Lee's Summit, Lawrence, and everywhere in between! 

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have. We are here for you and want to make your birth and postpartum experience the best that it can be.