When My Clients Choose the Epidural

Women are powerful. 

Women have power.

Women are smart and women know what they want and don't want.

So many of my cilents have asked me what my philosophy is for birth or what my expectations are for a certain birth scenario. Here's the thing, I'm not here to satiate my own appetite for birth, I'm here to support YOU. 

I have clients who go into birth with the firm belief that they want a natural birth. They want to feel every contraction and they want that type of control on the situation. 

I have clients who go into birth KNOWING that they will get the epidural. Sometimes its "I'd like to see how far I can go without" or "I'd like to keep the option open." This is the way they exercise their control and choice. 

I have clients who choose a planned cesarean for a myriad of reasons and its often to take back lost control. This is how they use their power. 

None of these options phase me. I LOVE that my clients have a voice. I love that they have the opportunity to change their mind without feeling a failure or worrying about that smug "I told you so" face. 

There are so many opinions about how women should be giving birth. You want to know my philosophy? I say "FOOWEE!" You are a strong, courageous women who deserves to birth in a way that makes you comfortable, even if that changes 15 hours in! You are the writer of this story! I'm there to remind, teach, hold, and nurture you while you make these sometimes very tough decisions. I'm your support and I love handing over that power to you! It's not my power to take and I wouldn't dream of taking it from you. 

I will never leave a client who experiences an emergency cesarean. I will never leave a client who chooses an epidural. I will never tell you that you are not strong enough. I will never tell you that your ideas are wrong. I will support, comfort and protect those ideas during the most intense and exciting time of your life. 

When my clients choose the epidural, I hear you and I see your needs, I support you.