15 Minutes A Day Keeps the Therapist Away

Last year was kind of a wash for me. I was pregnant, exhausted and had zero energy for anything productive. It's amazing we made it out of the year semi thriving, really. 

This year, i've got GOALS! They may seem a little small and insignificant to some but thats actually the point of my goals. My goals are home goals, mother goals and thriving with my children goals. I've realized in the past few years that my children's childhood is SCREAMING by and I'm missing a lot of it. 

I miss it, not for lack of practice of being present or because I'm so busy elsewhere but honestly, i'm missing it because I hate playing. I know that sounds harsh but I absolutely hate imaginative play. I'm not imaginative, my imagination escaped me long ago. If I had a choice between imaginative play and doing the dishes, dishes win out every time, no questions. 

And I've noticed, this is where I'm going wrong. 

My hatred is what is bringing me down. I get so focused on the fact that I don't like it and I don't want to do it (spoiled much?!) that I just don't, bedtime rolls around and I haven't gotten on my children's level at all during the day, not one time. 

My kids are clothed, fed, read to (I actually love doing this!), taught important things, loved and snuggled to death but I'm missing a key aspect to their development.


Its been shown time and time again that play is how children learn. Its how they grasp new concepts, figure out how the world works and engage successfully with others. Play is the literal key to success!

So here I am, bowing my head in a little bit of shame and admitting that I may be failing my kids a little bit (not a lot because lets be honest, I'm a great mom ;) ) But I concede and I want to be better. 

This year I'm challenging myself and YOU to get down with your kids for 15 minutes each day.

This may sounds like a menial goal but I guarantee that you will see a change in their attitude, emotions and learning ability. Get down with your kids, let them lead the play and watch as you and they thrive in this new found relationship!