Happy New Year Kansas City

Theres an interesting aspect about my job in that it takes months and months for a baby to be grown. My KC Doula often gets hired at 38 weeks and every once in a while before our client is even pregnant and literally every week in between! A year doesn't seem as long to me anymore because people call me at all different stages in their pregnancy and it moves so fast!

Every new year, I think about the clients passed and the ones yet to come. The tiny blueberry babies and the ones being cradled in their mother's arms during the big year change over. Then there's the women waiting for their due date, fast approaching and feeling excitement, anxiety, maybe a little fear and so much hope for whats to come.

If you think about it, people who will be delivering their sweet babies in September and October are just finding out and starting their road of research, emotions and so much more! I hope somewhere in their research they find out about a doula and the care and keeping that a doula offers. I hope they know that they can reach out for support and love and that they and their partner don't have to do this craziness alone!

The new year is a time to restart, refresh and reevaluate. I hope this new year finds your family heathy, safe and ready for adventure, Kansas City. 2018 is going to be a good one!