The ABC's of Pregnancy: C is for Cervical Mucus

If you have a cervix, you know about cervical mucus. You may not want to admit it because it’s not something we talk about very often but cervical mucus is how we know that our vaginal health is A.OK!

Our cervical mucus changes depending on the time of our cycle. Our cervical mucus can tell us when we are fertile, starting our period or if we have an infection. It really is an amazing thing!

How does cervical mucus change during pregnancy and before labor?

During pregnancy you may experience vaginal discharge that can seem abundant but should never have a sour or potent smell. It’s normal to experience extra vaginal discharge during pregnancy, particularly during your first and third trimesters.

During your first trimester your body is producing something called a mucus plug which will help keep your baby safe from bacteria that wants to enter the amniotic sac.

During your third trimester, your body may expel pieces of your mucus plug which may make it seem like you have more vaginal discharge.

The mucus plug looks like (for lack of a better image) you blew your nose into a issue. It’s not pretty but it can be exciting as your body makes the necessary changes to start the labor process. Some women don’t lose their mucus plug before labor which is also very normal. Some mucus plugs can be tinged with blood but if you are experiencing lots of bleeding, like saturating a pad, you should call your doctor immediately.

Mucus isn’t the most lovely thing to talk about it is important and understanding the phases of cervical mucus can help you understand your body better and be able to predict what is going to happen with your body! I, for one, love to be informed and NOT surprised by things like my period!

Listen to your body and get to know your cervical mucus. You won’t regret it!